Search In City Network FAQs


  • Can I Register for Free to the Portal ?

    No. we have try and paid Plan.

  • Can I add my own Services/Products ?

    Yes. You can add your own Services and/or Products and can changed the same with login ID and password.

  • Can I add my multiple Business locations ?

    You can Add your multimple location address. 

  • Can I add my multiple multiple Business Information ?

    Yes. You can add your different Business Information in Premium category.

  • Can I change my Information from any loation ?

    Yes. You can change your informayion with valid login ID and password.

  • Can I see enquiries received to me ?

    Yes. You can see the list of enquiries in your account.

  • Can I send multiple enquireies ?

    Yes. You can send any no of enquiries.

  • Can I receive or make the payment ?

    No. online payment is not provided till date. In near future you may get this facility.

  • Can I advertise my Company and Products/Service ?

    Yes. Please contact to our support team for your custome advertisement.

  • ICan I open this portal in my mobile ?

    Yes. This portal has mobile friendly design. You can also get the SearchInCity App free with the registration.

  • How can I use the SearchInCity App ?

    You can download the SearchInCity App from playstore and use the same user id and password for the App.

  • Can I use the SearchInCity App on my iOS phone ?

    No. Currently SearchInCity is available on Android platform. In near future you will get its iOS version.

  • Can I upgrade my subscription ?

    Yes. You can upgrade your subscription at any time by accepting the terms and conditions.

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